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China Army Use Durable TPU Fuel Tanks suppliers 
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Beitrag China Army Use Durable TPU Fuel Tanks suppliers
Our History
Sewdon is a professional soft container manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. As early as 1990, we began to design and manufacture soft drought-resistant water bladders for agricultural production. The shortage of water has promoted the development of this economical liquid storage container. In 2003, the company began to produce a new generation of soft packaging in line with international standards - Flexible Liquid Storage Tank. It has quickly entered the international market in a short period of time with more reliable, more economical, more environmentally friendly and faster advantages, and won the unanimous recognition and praise of customers. Then we continue to develop new products according to market demand, such as fuel bladder, onion water storage tank, frame support tank, etc., in order to serve more industries and meet the needs of more customers.
Our Factory
The factory covers an area of more than 1,000m2. In order to meet the expanding market demand, we are building a new factory. Meanwhile, each workshop is equipped with the latest professional welding equipment. In addition, we have a large number of technical professionals, experienced engineers and production technicians team, as well as domestic and international trade sales staff, try our best to make each customer get the perfect customized service and products.
Our Product
Our company mainly do soft liquid storage tank, but we can provide different size different shape and different application. All is decide on customer require. Following is our products brief introduction.
1.Pillow Shape Water&Fuel Storage Tank
2.Square Shape Water&Fuel Storage Tank
3.Onion Shape Water&Fuel Storage Tank
4.Fuel Bladder Tank
5.Aquaculture Tank
6.Plastic Tube Round Folding Frame Support Tank
7.Spraying Plastics Round&Square Folding Frame Support Tank
8.Hot Dip Galvanized Tube Folding Round Support Tank
9.Gas Storage Tank
10.Spill Berms
11.Custom-Made Tank
Product Application
Our products have a wide range of uses
-Household use; such as rainwater harvesting, drinking, pool solution, daily life water storage, camping for car, boat, yacht
-Agricultural use; such as irrigation, animal drinking, remote area water storage
-Industrial use; such as petroleum, chemical and other bulk liquid storage and transportation, water treatment plants, sewage storage
-Public works use锛泂uch as firefighting, forestry service
And Military Operations use, Civilian rescue organizations, Humanitarian Aid etc.
Our Certificate
Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification and other system certification. Our products have passed the COA, EU CE, the US FDA, China's green products, credit AAA-level enterprises, ROHS, SGS, CCIC and other testing standards and SGS-CSTC inspection and testing, fully comply with EU environmental standards and German, American, French flame-retardant standards. We have 12 related patents. Our liquid container is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, light and practical, low cost, and can be widely used in industrial storage, oil field storage, transportation storage, drought relief, municipal fire protection, engineering inspection (preload) and other industries with transportation.
Production Equipment
-Advanced high frequency welding machine, hot welding machine;
-Professional, skilled and experienced engineers and technicians.
-Complete accessory system;
-A trusted accessory partner;
Production Market
As a leader in the flexible water storage tank industry, our products are exported to Africa, Asia, Europe and other places, serving many families, companies, factories, government departments and relief organizations. Due to the exclusive patented technology, we have never had any product quality problems. Therefore, our company is awarded the title of Excellent Enterprise and Honest Enterprise by the government every year.
Our Service
鈽?Pre-sale Service
-Quick response within 12 hours
- Carefully understand the detailed needs of customers and respond to customers with good professional knowledge and passion.
- We focus on the customer's need, meet customer's requirement and strive to exceed the customer's expectation.
- Good quality with competitive price
鈽?nbsp;After-sale Service
- Timely follow up the production, transportation and other information of the order to the customer and assist the customer to successfully complete the import;
- Provide professional installation and use recommendations;
- Timely help to solve the related problems;
Create a good reputation, provide first-class products, serve customers all over the world, and be the leader in the industry.
Sewdon are committed to providing you with the best purchasing experience while offering the most cost-effective products at a reasonable price. We look forward to establishing a long-term and friendly relationship with you and become your best supplier in China. China Army Use Durable TPU Fuel Tanks suppliers

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