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Madden 20 - draft guide for Tech Math users 
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Beitrag Madden 20 - draft guide for Tech Math users
aving figured out the project I got, I've been working hard for anyone interested in starting a franchise.

I wanted to do this because I had strong community support in the Madden 20 draft guide, and I liked it. "Why?" You may ask. I don't know.

Just to reiterate the purpose of this guide In the draft of franchise fantasy, the way CPU selects players is predictable. The purpose of this guide is to illustrate this predictability so that you can see when the CPU is most likely to run in a certain position (for example, 30 HB between rounds 20 and 22; 59 CB between rounds 23 and 26).

I want to take it a step further than the M19 guide by adding some columns and features to make it a database that you can even buy MUT coins in the draft:

New column:


Player level based on release list. I may consider re running the project in the middle of this year to show players whose ratings have changed and in turn affect their draft positions.


I set this column not only to show the age, but also to show the player's position from the perspective of regression. I don't know exactly how age affects player returns, but I do know that players start to return based on certain statistics at the age of 26 (depending on the ranking I think). So I combined conditional formatting to show the player's location timeline in that location.

Green hand

All rookies are marked with "R". I used the NFL draft as a reference, and managed to find some non draft players in the selection list, so if I missed any non draft rookies, I'm very sorry.

Superstar X factor capability status

This shows 50 players with the ability of superstar X factor.

I hope that by adding these columns you will be able to make more informed decisions about the players to be selected (their position and when to leave).

I also split all positions, rookies and superstar X-factor players into separate tabs. I find this helpful in determining which players you want to position for each position and where you are looking for a target.

I hope everyone can benefit from it. Please enjoy!

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