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Where is the best site to buy poe goods? 
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Beitrag Where is the best site to buy poe goods?
VHPG is the best place to purchase poe goods.

We support trading Currency in Path of Exile on all available game modes including Standard, Blight and other Challenge Leagues, Softcore, Hardcore, as well as, trading PoE Currency is possible on all platforms PS, Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. At here, you will find the best exchange ratios on every PoE Orb, regardless of your platform and server. Come join thousands of players on the most rapidly growing PoE Currency market.

Path of Exile newcomers must see 18 messages

I have been playing Path of Exile for more than a year. I have been playing in foreign service for so long. I have been waiting for a long time. The national costume is finally open in a few days. Here, I will share some of my own questions about the Path of Exile for the novice friends who just started playing. The game experience, I hope to help everyone, thank you.

Personal experience, we can refer to the next, write bad, do not spray

1. Press CTRL and click on the button to reset the map.

2, hold down the CTRL mouse to click on the equipment, you can directly throw the items into the store or warehouse, you can also quickly purchase items in the store, eliminating the need to drag and drop.

3, hold down CTRL ALT, click on the equipment, you can map the equipment to the chat bar.

4, 1 chapter of the quiet sea cliff is a very good leveling point

5, the game has 3 difficulty, the first difficulty can not die of experience, the second difficulty died 5%, the third difficulty died 10%, so living is the key.

6, the rational use of dark gold equipment special effects, with talent and skills is king.

7. When the newcomer in the second chapter of the thief mission, do not know how to choose, you can kill all talent points, you can reset the thief mission.

8, the team has experience bonus, drop bonus, but the monster is also strengthened, the team is the best choice.

9, the master task can be teamed up to do together, want to rush the master to do their own equipment.

10. Be careful of the liar in the game, be careful of those OEMs, unless you are a familiar friend, don't let the liar influence the mood of playing the game.

11, the game currency 23 kinds, the various proportions are different, when you redeem, look at the trading channel, ask more friends.

National costume plot mode, currency binding, here slightly changed, in the plot, if you feel that you can't beat the power, you can find the NPC in the city, sell the most advanced weapons for yourself, and then use the point of gold stone to point, after the currency binding, everyone You can try more of the use of currency.

12, forum, post bar has a lot of BD match, newcomers can refer to the next, the land reclamation stage is not recommended to copy, because the currency is tight, equipment is not uniform, it is difficult to match the effects of those talents. The newcomers are mainly based on primary accumulation and are familiar with games.

13, new players, must be cautious use of currency, more familiar with the game rules, to avoid unnecessary losses, more questions are the key.

After the 14th and 60th grades, the 3rd chapter of the 3rd chapter of the Sundial Shrine is opened. There is an eternal laboratory inside, and the map can be opened by using the device.

15, the game will pick up a variety of bottles, please pay more attention to, some special bottles, these bottles play against your special BOSS or map, play your unexpected role.

16, sublimation trials, do not have to do it right away, you can wait until the high level to do it, it will be more efficient and safe.

17, the national service story mode binding, more exchanges with friends or trade unions, can not use the skills or equipment to replace each other, everyone for me, I am for everyone ~

18, when the skills upgrade, pay attention to, not the skills of this property are optimistic and then upgrade, so as to avoid the problem of skills can not be used after replacing the equipment.

I think of this for the time being, I hope to help the novice players.

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